Home renovation is one of the greatest challenges green building faces, but it represents a wonderful opportunity. The majority of homes require some level of retrofitting to enable more sustainable living. With every home having unique needs, retrofitting is not a one size fits all approach, therefore it is important develop a tailored approach and prioritize which projects should be completed and in what order. You only have one chance at many of the major renovation projects such as replacing siding, removing sheetrock, or finishing unfinished spaces such as attics or basements. With that in mind, it is crucial to think of the whole house as a system, take a holistic approach, and have the work done properly the first time.

As of September 2021, in King County, there are 494,879 single family residences and of those, 409,987 were built before 2000. Within the next 10 years, over 100,000 homes in the Puget Sound area will be significantly remodeled. It’s important to make the renovations count by doing things properly and in the right order.