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Amy Towillis

Amy at Rhino Roz Realty recently helped us to purchase our new home as well as sell our condo. We were very pleased with her prompt responses to our questions and helpful guidance and advice during the process. Amy showed us what it takes to be the winning bid in a red hot real estate market, and our offer was accepted on the second house we bid on. We were also able to get multiple offers on our condo within 1 week of listing, which sold for thousands above the asking price. As we had little prior experience with real estate transactions, we went with Amy's recommendations for mortgage broker, escrow agent, home inspector and stagers. While there were inevitable bumps along the way, Amy was able to work to correct problems and ultimately ensured that both our home purchase and condo sale closed on time. Buying and selling a home is an exhausting process, but we are glad we chose Amy to help us through the process!

- Kelly & Kristen (July 2015)


Amy was referred to us by three different people. Needless to say, she was an excellent realtor and got the job done for us on our first home purchase! She worked within our schedules and always sought to provide many different purchasing options. She not only provides us with options but she truly listens to ensure our needs are met when buying a home.  Over the course of 6 months, Amy steered us through the home-buying process. She answered all of our questions, provided quality feedback, and helped us through 5 offers on homes in this very competitive home-buying market. When we landed our house in July 2013, we were all ecstatic! My wife and I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a talented, energetic person who will go the extra mile.

-Laura & Brett (August 2014)


Amy and the Rhino Roz team were incredible. When my wife and I were considering selling our house we were referred to Amy by a close friend of ours. After speaking with Amy over the phone she visited our house the next day and provided great feedback and suggestions for staging and getting our house prepped for selling.  She proposed to have a pre-inspection of our house to ensure there wouldn't be any issues during inspection once we found a buyer (smart, no other agent has ever proposed this).


The pre-inspection did uncover a few issues that we were unaware of which caused some concern as we wanted to list our house within the following couple of weeks.  We didn't have time to fix the issues ourselves, but since Amy has built a solid network of contacts to assist with nearly any issue that may arise, she was able to get the right people to our house and fix the problems the following week.  Due to Amy's attention to detail, proactive recommendations and valuable feedback, our house was staged and ready to sell within the timeline we initially expected.  Once we listed our house, Amy's marketing machine went into action and we had a full price offer within 8 days.


We also used Amy for the purchase of our current house. She was relentless in the negotiation process and always put our family's needs above anything else. Needless to say, she was an amazing real-estate agent and has continued to be a wonderful friend.  If you are considering selling a property or buying or new one, do yourself a favor, save yourself time, get the most value out of your property and contact Amy and her team at Rhino Roz.  The process of buying/selling a house in daunting. Let Amy and team take care of all the details. Great customer service is hard to find these days, but you will find it with Amy.  You will not be disappointed.

- - Craig & Jaime (June 2013)


We used Rhino Roz Realty to sell our starter home and purchase our new dream home.  We were convinced that we could not break even on our starter house, but with all of the services and expertise from Rhino Roz, we were able to get multiple offers above our asking price!


Even more awesome was when we placed an offer on our dream house.  We looked at the house on a Friday afternoon and immediately after wrote an offer - Rhino Roz even rescheduled a personal appointment to get this done for us.  Under advisement and persistance of our agent, we were able to win the offer above 11 others, and our offer was not even the highest.  The process was not without complications, but our agent was our rock thru the process.  Our appraisal came back low, and our agent AMAZINGLY got the sellers to lower the sales price of our dream home.


I have never been anything less than amazed at the extent of services and professionalism that Rhino Roz Realty provided us.  Nothing less than above and beyond what I would have expected from a real estate agent.

- Kristen & Chris (October 2013)


Amy Towillis is an incredible person, not to mention realtor. She has always gone above and beyond normal realtor duties. When we first met with Amy we were considering selling our house. After doing her homework prior to our meeting, Amy came to us prepared to tell us that it was not in our best interest to sell at that time. Any other realtor would have left it at that but Amy sat with us for an additional 2 hours discussing the ins and outs of rental properties. When it came time to buy our new home Amy was proactive in finding the perfect house for us by getting to know what it was we were looking for and by providing lots of options.


The house we chose was a fixer upper and again Amy went above and beyond her realtor duties by showing us the potential our house had, explaining our renovation options, helping us meet with contractors, and finding the perfect financing solution. She even showed the house to our father when we were out of town. Now that we are settled in our new house (which we love by the way) Amy continues to surprise us with her generosity, thoughtfulness, and eagerness to help. She is never shy to pick up the phone when we have a real estate question, invite us to a social gathering for house buyers or drop off a gift for our newborn baby. We highly recommend Amy for anyone looking to buy a house in the Seattle Area.


 - Jennifer & Logan Monroe (April 2012)


Amy Towillis is hands down, the best Realtor with whom I've ever worked. My wife and I have bought and sold dozens of homes in markets large and small so we have had a variety of experiences. When we met Amy the Seattle market was near its peak and it was difficult to purchase real estate. Amy developed our trust to the point where she became our eyes on the ground and we purchased a small home in Green Lake based on her advice. Three years later, when the market was near the bottom, she helped us sell that same home - it was on the market for less than 30 days - fantastic!


 She found us a buyer, the contractors for everything we needed, managed that work and somehow managed to have her second child during that 30 day period. She is an amazing person. Amy is a true professional, she is courteous and quite simply everything a buyer or a seller could ever want in a real estate professional. Please feel free to contact me for further information. She has my highest recommendation and I would use her again.


 - Tom & Ann (June 2011)


During the recent purchase of our new home, Amy was a pleasure to work with; truly demonstrating the difference that a motivated, prepared, and experienced agent can make. From the very beginning of our property search, Amy took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for in our new home. Because she had such an in-depth understanding of our needs and desires, she was able to screen potential homes for us which really helped us focus in on houses that clearly met our needs.


Once we found the perfect home, Amy worked as a tireless advocate on our behalf. She was always focused on getting us into the house at the best possible value. Throughout the complex negotiation, she was incredibly responsive and articulate whenever we had questions or concerns. Her strong negotiating skills were an incredible asset to have on our side. In the end, we purchased the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood and could not have been happier with AmyÕs level of service. I strongly recommend her and would be happy to answer any specific questions or provide more details.


- Pat & Sam (October 2010)


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