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Retrofitting Your Existing Home


One of the greatest challenges and opportunities green building faces is the renovation of homes.  The majority of our existing stock requires some level of retrofit to enable us to live more sustainably.  It can be difficult to prioritize which projects should be completed first when improving your existing home, but it is critical to adopt a tailored approach.  Retrofitting isn’t a one size fits all approach, every home is different and with most renovations you only have one chance at things such as siding, sheet rock being removed, or finishing an attic or basement.  It is essential to do it right the first time and by having a holistic approach and focusing on the whole house as a system, you can insure the sequencing of projects done is in the right order.


As of October 2013, in King County there are close to 500,000 single family homes and of those, 421,369 were built before 2000.  Within the next 10 years, over 100,000 homes in the Puget Sound area  will be significantly remodeled. So it's important to make the renovations count by doing things properly and in the right order.


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